Pregnancy Blog Week 37

I can’t believe I’ve made it through 37 weeks of pregnancy!!!  It really has gone by fast for me this time.

This past week was focused on some pretty intense nesting accompanied by pretty intense exhaustion and inability to keep up with my own desires for home order and cleanliness.  I won’t lie, I had more than one nesting meltdown this week.

On Monday I thought it would be a great idea to bake banana bread and a birthday cake for my mom from scratch one right after the other.  Now I do some baking from scratch, but I am not the make a birthday cake from scratch kinda girl.  Even when I’m not pregnant.  Give me a mix and I’ll add those eggs and oil like a champ, but generally speaking, I don’t pour my deepest baking efforts into cake making.  Not Monday however!  Nooooo.  Monday was a great day to bake two things from scratch.  The banana bread went great, but when I got to the cake I was almost in tears calling Jake to come take over some beating because my egg whites weren’t ‘peaking,’ and I was making a huge mess but couldn’t bend down to clean it up.

Fortunately, despite the non-peaking egg whites the cake turned out delicious, and well the banana bread was a double batch and ummm it’s pretty much gone.  And Jake doesn’t eat banana bread…

Tuesday, Jake cleaned the whole kitchen up for me and admonished me to abstain from any further cooking or baking efforts.  In fact he suggested that I not start any more projects at all.  So what did I do?  Well when the special closet extender thingy came in the mail from friend and bride from last year Ashley, I decided to unpack all the baby clothes and fix up the closet!  And of course I got about halfway done before I was completely exhausted and aching and had to take a nap.  And when I say halfway done, I definitely mean halfway as in you know you made progress, but to an outsider it just looks like you made a huge mess.  Jake came home and was like, “Um…what did we talk about?” and I hung my head in shame.  I then proceeded to have a meltdown about how I was never going to get everything done.

Thursday was my salvation when my mom came over and power cleaned in the morning and Jess came over and helped me finish the closet and putting all the linens on the crib.  I’ll do a big before and after of the nursery and Shep’s room soon, but right now I can’t get in to show you my progress in Rhett’s room because it looks like this –

It is getting painted today!  Jake painted Shep’s room yesterday and will be doing Rhett’s room today.  What a guy!  We’re so close to having ourselves together!!!

On Friday, my friend Coli came over and did maternity portraits of me and Shep.  We had SUCH a great time and she did such a fabulous job!  You can see a preview of them on her blog, click the image below to see.  Sshe’s doing free portrait sessions right now to update her portfolio and she’s about the sweetest person you’ll ever meet!  If you’re looking for some great photography and don’t have the money to spend on it right now, check her out!!

Yesterday I was blessed by my sweet friends with a lovely shower.  I don’ have any pictures to show you but it was so much fun.  This coming week will be my last pregnant week!  Rhett is scheduled to be born by c-section Monday March first so stay tuned to the final days of pregnancy glory =)



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3 responses to “Pregnancy Blog Week 37

  1. Jan Griffin


    I can not tell how much I admire you and am so impressed with you and Jake and the way you have lived your lives and grown in marriage! I love to read your blogs – I wish I had the courage to share so openly and with such eloquence.
    I love the pics your friend took of you (and Shep). You look so great!
    Enjoy this last week. Listen to your wise husband and do not do any projects. Use to your time to pamper yourself and have special times with Shep and Jake.
    Blessings and prayers! Jan

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