Rhett’s Nursery Before and After!

Yes!  Another before and after!  Up until recently, Rhett’s nursery had been the room that housed extra ‘stuff’ that just didn’t have a home.  Since we don’t have a basement or attic space, it was nice to have an extra room for things of that nature.  However since it’s time for that room to be a bedroom again, it took some doing to get it back into shape – not to mention to find places to put everything that was in there before!

Here’s what the room looked like before.  I made sure to take these at night so they’d be extra dark and yellowy and unwelcoming –

And after some extensive reorganizing, rearranging, painting, new window treatments, blood sweat and tears –

I tried to move the folded up play pen from under the crib for the photos but it was too much for me.

This was my crib when I was a baby!

This chair isn’t my favorite – it was a hand-me-down from church, but it gets the job done and it matches the crib.  I’ll probably use my white chair in the living room just as much as this rocker anyway.

Not the most organized changing table!  The bins I used when this was in Shep’s room don’t match this room so I need to get some new ones.

I have some silver frames that I need to hang over the changing table.  It’s going to look something like this when it’s done with different paisley, damask, and stripe prints in baby blue and white inside-

And last but not least, the closet which sports the special dual rod that got me so bogged down the other day

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  1. You are ready to roll girl!! Great job!

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