New Products – Photo Jewelry!!

I am so excited to announce that I am now an official reseller of the Planetjill Photo Jewelry line!  You can order gorgeous sterling silver or 14k gold jewelry with your Beth Dreyer Photography inside!

Let me tell you how my love of Planetjill came about.  It’s a funny story.

For my first Mother’s Day I told Jake that I really wanted some kind of photo jewelry.  At that exact time, I was also going through a phase where I felt like he should just instinctively know what I like, what I want and where to obtain it.  Mistake!  I have since learned that 90% of the time, men don’t instinctively know what we like, what we want or where to obtain any of it, you have to communicate.  There is also a very fine line between tasteful and tacky when it comes to photo jewelry…  Bless my sweet husband’s heart, he tried, but he really had no hint as to what I had in mind or what I was expecting.

“Umm…here you go, you might not like it….”  he said, looking nervous as he handed me the little gift box.

And I didn’t =)  And he wasn’t offended – what a guy!

This bracelet is some kind of cheap pewter and those charms are protected by plastic slide in and out sheets.  You are supposed to print and cut out your own photos, which could then slide out at anytime.  Not to mention it’s just ugly.

Well this past Mother’s Day, I still wanted photo jewelry so I decided to do my own research and present Jake with some options so that he could still surprise me but I knew that it would be a good surprise.  Win win if you will.  This was how I discovered Planetjill and every time I wear my Shep necklace I get lots of compliments.

I love my necklace so much that ever since I’ve been stalking the Planetjill website to decide which piece I will ask for next!  So naturally when I discovered that I could become a reseller with Planetjill and offer this beautiful jewelry to my clients I was thrilled!  I seriously love and would like to own almost every piece they make.  So ladies, since Mother’s Day is coming up in a few months, here are a few examples of some of the gorgeous sterling silver pieces that you could be wearing this Mother’s Day –



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3 responses to “New Products – Photo Jewelry!!

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  2. Katie

    Do you do cufflinks for men. I am trying to get some gold photo cufflinks made…

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