Pregnancy Blog – Week 38

This is it friend!  The last post from this pregnancy!  Rhett Worley Dreyer is being delivered on Monday by c-section!  Just to clarify, this post chronicles week 38 of my pregnancy.  As of today I am 39 weeks pregnant.  He will be born at 39 weeks and three days.

On Sunday morning I sat quite uncomfortably through church and couldn’t wait to go home and sink into my comfy chair.  As soon as the service was over, I stood up and started to turn around to go get Shep out of his class when this lady walked up to me.  Not only do I not know this woman from Adam, but I don’t think I have ever observed at church before and I am a very faithful attender =)  She stops me and says,

“I know we don’t know each other but I just wanted to tell you that with both of my children, when I was all balled up like you are, I delivered within 24 hours.  That baby is coming soon!  You’d better call your doctor and tell her what you look like.”

Say what?

Balled up?  As opposed to what?  I’ve looked like this for weeks…  And my doctor?  Definitely saw her on Tuesday thanks.  I decided I will just stay home from church this week.

Sunday evening Ashley and I went to see Phantom of the Opera which is in town.  Swoon!  I love Phantom!  I walked down the aisle to ‘All I Ask of You,’ played live on the piano and violin.  Well Phantom was wonderful of course, but as I was sitting there for two and a half hours, I was a bit distracted because I could just feel my feet and hands slowly swelling up.  By the time we left, my feet felt squished in my normally loose fitting boots.  When I got home and got the boots off I looked down and there they were – cankles.  I have avoided the cankles this whole pregnancy, but there they were.  Fortunately my ankles reappeared by morning, but I’ve tried to have my feet elevated whenever possible since then.

Speaking of swelling, my face has also gotten just the teeniest bit puffy.  I don’t know if anyone would notice besides me but I don’t really mind because it actually sort of gives me a botox effect!  My lips are little bit bigger than normal, and the rest of my face is juuuust a little bit tighter if you will.  Oh and my eyebrows have never looked better – I don’t know if that’s a pregnancy side affect or if I’m just doing a good job with my plucking and waxing.  But heck I’ll take fake botox and good eyebrows!  When I was pregnant with Shep my face wasn’t pleasantly botox puffy, it was I-don’t-look-like-myself-anymore puffy!  My whole self was ridiculously swollen in the end.  I was seriously the pregnant Pillsbury dough-girl.  It was August in Texas so there wasn’t much I could do about it.

Here I am with Jess right before Shep was born, of course eating…  Seriously look at how big my face was!  See my hands?  I was wearing a ring that was actually slightly bigger than Jake’s wedding ring.

On Tuesday I went to the doctor for my weekly visit and got a little bit of a reality check about fluid retention and banana bread.  I got on the scale and told Cheryl the nurse that I felt like I may have gained THREE pounds this week.  She looked at the scale and goes, “Nope – five pounds!”  Ah!  She assured me that it was probably mostly fluid which made me feel better, but I know that the double batch of banana bread that I made and consumed last week probably didn’t help…

Well folks!  That’s about all I know.  On Monday morning I’m going to get up, fix my hair and makeup – because hello I need to look good for my post baby pictures, we’re going to take Shep over to my parents’ house, go to the hospital, get me all hooked up with IV, spinal block/epidural and whatever else, and then about lunchtime Rhett Worley Dreyer is going to be born.  I can’t wait!  It’s been a great pregnancy journey which I’ve enjoyed writing about.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about all of my ups and downs, I plan on continuing to write on Fridays about life with my boys.  I’ll leave you with these favorites of the maternity photos my friend Coli did of me last week.

Still wearing my wedding rings!



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  1. You are DARLING!! Can’t wait to meet that little precious boy. Will be praying. I love you all. Coli did a great job on your pictures – SO CUTE!!! Lots of rest this weekend and blessings to you all.

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