Two Weeks

Let me just review some of the comical things that have occurred in the last two weeks.

The day we came home from the hospital was beautiful so I decided to take the car seat outside and sit in the sun with Rhett under his shade while Jake and Shepherd picked up my prescriptions.  When I came inside, I took Rhett out of the seat and brought him in but forgot to retrieve the car seat.  Three days and several rain showers later when it was time to go to Rhett’s first doctor appointment I discovered my error…  Fortunately those car seat covers wash beautifully!

Jake and I love to play Words with Friends on our iPhones.  And we especially love to play each other.  We will sit on the couch or in bed and go back and forth playing each other before bed.  I thought about taking a break from Words while I was on medication but it was such a nice thing to do while nursing that I kept playing.  One evening I was nursing Rhett in our bedroom and Shep was bouncing around on the bed next to me while Jake was in the living room.  I called into the other room, “It’s your turn!!”  And Jake came groggily into the bedroom and said, “Do I need to change a diaper?  Does Shep need to go to bed?”  Which was understandable considering that generally speaking, when I am frustrated with a situation pertaining to our children I say to him, “It’s your turn,” and walk away.  This time however, I really meant that it was his turn – “No,” I said, “It’s your turn on Words with Friends!”  And we both laughed.

The first couple of times that I tried pumping weren’t very successful and were in fact quite frustrating.  So imagine my excitement the first time my pumping efforts yielded the desired results!  I went into the kitchen, Shep trailing behind me and poured all the milk into one bottle.  I then turned around to rinse the out the other parts of the pump.  Shep, helpful boy that he is saw that Mommy was doing dishes and cleaning this weird contraption he had just observed in action.  He went over, grabbed the bottle of precious milk that I just worked so hard to express and poured it down the drain.  You can imagine my reaction.  It was that “Noooooooooo!” in an I-know-it’s-too-late-but-boy-am-I-mad tone.  Poor Shep, he thought he was helping.  I calmed down and managed to thank him for his helpfulness.

A couple of days later, after having again pumped successfully, I was preparing the little milk freezer bag and I myself knocked over the bottle of milk!  I won’t lie, a not nice word came out of my mouth.

Here is a slideshow of some pictures of the happier moments in Rhett’s first two weeks –


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