Because We’re Soooo Cool

Yesterday marked our fourth anniversary.  I know I’ve said it before, but when did I get old enough to have two kids and be married for four years??  Four years is like a legitimate amount of time to be married.  We aren’t newlyweds anymore and we’ve definitely got both feet firmly planted in the world of parenthood.  It’s a whole new season of life!  I’m so blessed by our life together.  I got the best guy and we have the best kids.

That being said, since I’m only three weeks post partum, and our life is still pretty chaotic from adding our newest little bundle of joy, we didn’t make any huge plans for our anniversary.  Instead, we dropped Shep off with my parents and drove out to Highland Village to go to Red Robin.

Cause we’re just dripping with coolness like that.  Then we came home and watched a movie and I didn’t even stay awake for the whole thing.  But we’re happy and in love and glad to mark another year together =)


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