Yesterday I was talking a walk in the glorious sunshine doing a little day dreaming.  I was dreaming about the ‘somedays.’

Someday I’m going to have some divine soul come clean my house for me every week.  Someday we are going to get it together and have a nice yard.  Someday we’re going to be out of debt.  Someday we’re going to pay cash for a fully loaded non-momish SUV.  Someday if I find out I need $X worth of dental work, I’m just going to write a check and get it taken care of.  Someday I will get to sleep for eight gloriously uninterrupted hours again.  Someday I won’t have to deal with poop anymore because my children will be potty trained.

So that got me thinking.  I’d like to bless someone who is feeling frustrated day dreaming about their own ‘somedays.’

Leave a comment below finishing your ‘someday’ thoughts.  And girl if you feel like you could write a ‘someday’ paragraph, I’m just right there with you!  I’ll pick one comment and the writer will receive a free portrait session, a $275 value!  Now let’s be clear, I want you to be real.  I don’t want any comments that say things like, “Someday every knee will bow and every tongue will confess…”  You know that’s a ‘someday’ I can get behind, but that’s not what I’m going for here.  I also realize that some dreams are too personal to share with the world, so just share something you feel comfortable with.

Just a few short weeks ago, one of my ‘somedays’ was ‘someday I will be holding a baby in my arms and not in my tummy.’  Just remember friend (and self!) it’s just a season!



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10 responses to “Someday…

  1. Cheryl

    Someday I would like to have children, even half as sweet as your boys. The Dr.’s have given up but I have quit putting trust in myself and medicine and have started to trust God. A real weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I really believe that someday it will happen. I love your Blog, It always brightens my day and you make motherhood seem like such a privilege. Thanks Beth.

  2. Michael

    Someday I will do everything I ever dreamed about. I will be the Navy Seal I always wanted to be and I will be able to save people from horrible dictators. Someday I will get to build something that will change the way we live which will make our lives easier. And someday I will be president and lead our counrty through the darkest times in history. And all will know that I did it with God at my side.

  3. Mason

    Someday, i’ll figure out what God’s plan for my life is. Waiting on the Lord for his direction has been one of the hardest things that I have come to grips with. I don’t know where he wants to place me or have me do, but I know in my heart that I want to do his will. Congrats on your new baby! I also really enjoy seeing Jake on Wednesday nights.

  4. Dede

    Someday Gage will have a little sister or brother. Someday I won’t have to work and put my kid(s) in daycare. Someday I hope to be more patient! I pray that someday Gage will know how much I love him and prayed for him everyday before he was born.
    Someday I will have a house with too much room! and a closet to hold all my clothes/shoes
    Someday my car will be paid off and hopefully my credit card as well:))
    We love you Beth and I am so blessed to have gotten to know you ( and I say that even without incentive 🙂 )

  5. Chooch's Pants

    Okay, I’ll play! 🙂 Someday I will get to meet my wonderful friends for coffee or lunch again. Someday my husband will see his dream a reality, and we look on this season and chuckle. Someday I will realize we’ve gone an entire year without having to miss life because of sickness. Someday I will see a second set of car keys hanging on the rack. Someday I will get my booty back into my favorite 7 For All Mandkind cut-offs. 🙂

  6. Ange Nielson

    Someday the Dreyer family will move back to Colorado! 🙂

  7. Someday I want to have a house full of little ones to love and raise. I want us to live in a cute house that has enough land to grow our own fruits and vegtables but is still no more then 10 minutes from Target. Someday I pray we can pay cash for nice cars and to send out kids to college. I hope to teach on nutrition, family and pregnancy and to help deliver many more babies into the world through Midwifery.

    Someday I hope I allow myeslf to dream about the somedays more. It’s good for the soul!

  8. Jessica

    this is very touching. I wish I was in your area and had friends closer to you. I’d totally nominate someone.

    With that being said, I’d like to write a someday. With six kids ranging from 12 yo on down to 10 mos, I have lots of somedays.

    Someday I won’t wince when a child asks me to join an extracurricular activity. Someday I’ll just be able to write a check, and Reagan will have the uniform to join dance that she talks about, or Ian will be able to join Karate, without it being unfair to the other kids who want to join just the same.

    Someday, hopefully I will live a month where my kids aren’t growing out of their clothes or shoes, or the clothes I just bought them aren’t “cool” any longer. Someday it would be nice to hand my kids a prepaid card and send them off to the mall by themselves. Someday I won’t worry about jeans that are $50, and do the multiplication in my head to make it fair for all 6 kids.

    Someday it would be nice not to worry about going to the movies, or taking the kids to a show. Because I’d have already bought the tickets before they even asked to go to the movie they’ve been dying to see. Someday I won’t be sneaking snacks into the movie theatre, so that each and every one of my children will have something “gooey chewy, and oh so fun” to munch on while the credits roll on the big screen.

    Someday my house will be empty and I will be suffering from empty nest syndrome. The halls will be quiet like I’ve been begging for over the years… and they will be marker and crayon free. Someday I won’t be haunted by mounds of laundry to do at the laundromat because my washer broke down, because they will be doing their own laundry in their own houses. Someday I’ll be wiping tears from my face as I sit in my house alone, and hope for the someday that they will visit me again. Someday.

  9. coloringlife2009

    Someday I will learn how special today really is. That even though I am childless and facing change from all directions, I live a life of steady purpose every day…because I am a child of God. Someday I will understand. Someday I will call that peace and joy MINE. How I long for that someday!!

    Were we supposed to included tears with our “someday” messages? 😉 Thanks for opening my heart up to God this morning!

  10. Mei

    Someday, I will live in the same country as my family. Someday, I will watch my husband preach to an audience of not just me. Someday, I will lead worship in my homeland. Someday, I will have many, many dogs, and a dog farm for them to run and frolic. Someday I will learn to be content and thankful to my Saviour, always.

    Thank you for your blog. It blesses me so much that you want to bless someone else on a day that you are dreaming about your “somedays.” Keep photographing! You’re an amazing artist!

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