Things I’ve Learned

Having two kids has been a major adjustment for us!  But it’s been wonderful and precious every step of the way.  The first time we went out as a family of four Jake and I just looked at each other and laughed because we forgot how much schlepping is involved with a newborn baby!  It’s been a different going back to the starting gate with a fresh baby but I think we’re starting to hit our stride.  Some things are the same and many things are different – like my attitude about my body.  I’ve spent absolutely no time worrying about the stretch marks or the extra pounds around my middle or what I’ll look like in a bathing suit.  Being a mom for the second time around I definitely have more confidence in myself and my abilities as a parent.  But here are a few things I’ve learned along the way the past couple of months.

  • Just because you have successfully made two stops on an outing with a two year old and a newborn doesn’t mean you should try for a third stop.  Trust me, stop while you’re ahead.
  • Sleep is not overrated.
  • Trying to lose the weight in X amount of time is overrated.
  • The house will just not be clean for more than five minutes anyway so just go ahead and take that nap.
  • There really is enough love in your heart for another baby.
  • The secret to making people think you’ve lost more baby weight than you have is to a) not really care and b) continue to wear maternity pants and loose, flowy tops.  Thou shalt not give thyself muffin top by trying to squeeze into your regular pants too soon!!
  • Anything that is done by yourself with no kids in tow -even the mundane things like grocery shopping – is pure heaven.
  • They really do grow up so fast, so enjoy the babyness in every sweet little snuggly moment.

    And of course, here are a couple of photos of my sweet boys –


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