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Downtown Dallas Engagement Photography – Steve & Mariah

I have known Mariah since I was about twelve years old.  We were friends all through high school.  She was the cool one who got her license before the rest of us and drove us around in her brown Buick.  We had some fun times in that car!  We were the two out of our group of friends who always wanted to get old black and white movies from Blockbuster, and everyone else thought we were grandmas.  Well maybe we are…

It was fun to get back in touch with Mariah and it’s alway so great to see your friends so happy and in love.  I had a great time with Steve and Mariah wandering around downtown Dallas.

We started out in front of the American Airlines Center, where these hockey fans will be Stars season ticket holders this year.

After that we just winged it and wandered around, which was lots of fun!

There was this random bench in front of an empty store that wasn’t bolted down – perfect!

We mozyed on over to the West End –

Once it got dark we did some night shots.  This is my absolute fav from the whole shoot –

I love this one  – it’s so them!

To see more of Steve & Mariah’s downtown Dallas engagement session click the image below for a slideshow


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2009 Wedding and Engagement Favorites

Here are my very favorites from the engagement sessions, bridals and weddings that I got to capture this year.  I was so honored to be a part of each one of these couples’ journey toward life together.  These are the top favs – vote on your favorite! – and below is a slideshow of all the favorites from the whole year in these categories.

Dave & Brecka

Chris & Ashley

Daniel & Kristen

Jessica Brown

Lindsey's Eyes

Tim & Lindsey

Now vote and tell me which is your favorite!

And here is a slideshow of Beth Dreyer Photography’s engagements, bridals and weddings in review.  Set to Come What May from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.  I’ve always wanted to use that song for something!

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Plano & Las Colinas Engagement Photography – Kristen & Daniel

Daniel is my cousin and the third of five boys in his family.  He and Kristen have been dating for several years and with her easy going personality she fits right in with all the boys and our whole crazy family.  Daniel, you did good!  They were so good in front of the camera, I barely had to encourage them to be cute and interact – they were just themselves.  It was great!  I’m glad we finally had this gorgeous day for shooting too because if I remember correctly, we had to reschedule twice because of wind and rain!  I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next summer!

First we started out over here at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano.

Then we drove over to Las Colinas to the canals.  Aren’t they cute?

Looove this one –

Although this might be my favorite –

And then I love this one too!

Click below to see Kristen & Daniel’s slideshow

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Las Colinas Engagement Photography – Erin & Michael

This was a quick shoot – Erin and Michael aren’t big fans of pictures of themselves and kept telling me over and over that these were probably going to be horrible pictures (but that it wouldn’t be my fault =)  I hope that these photos change your minds you two!  I’ll be photographing Erin’s bridal portraits and their wedding next month, so stay tuned for more of Erin and Michael.








Click the image  below to see a slideshow –

Picture 1

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Hilton DFW Lakes Photography – Tim & Lindsey’s Slideshow

Here is a slideshow from my new favorite e-session of Tim & Lindsey!  Click the image below –

Picture 1

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Hilton DFW Lakes Engagement Photography: Tim & Lindsey

I just can’t tell you how much fun I had on this shoot!  It was me, Tim, Lindsey and both of their moms and we wandered the beautiful grounds of the Hilton DFW Lakes out in Grapevine for two hours and if the sun hadn’t gone down we could’ve kept going!  If you are looking for a location for your engagement session, this is a great one, I’ll definitely be using it again!  I must admit that when Tim and Lindsey told me that both of their moms were there I was a little bit nervous.  But these two girls frolicked around, skipping, swinging, playing horseshoes and carrying the bags and clothes having a grand old time all by themselves.  Meanwhile Tim and Lindsey rocked their session.  I was totally exhausted when I got home that night but I was absolutely busting at the seams squealing with delight as I loaded these pictures onto my computer!

These first two are totally different from the rest but I had to include them.  Lindsey has the most gorgeous eyes!







For some reason I just love this one, I’m really loving lens flare right now =)








Click *HERE* for a slideshow!


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