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Gage is One!

This is the third time I’ve had the privilege of photographing Gage!  I first photographed him when he was 3 months, then at 6 months, and now he’s a big strapping (walking!) one year old!  I can’t believe how much he’s grown!  What a happy little guy –


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Announcing Mother’s Day Mini’s!

Remember my post about the line of photo jewelry that I now carry?  Well I’m so excited about the Planet Jill photo jewelry that I’m creating a mini session marathon in time for Mother’s Day.  You can have a fabulous piece of jewelry featuring a beautiful photo of your children – what better Mother’s Day gift could there be?  I personally am trying to plot how I can have several pieces for Mother’s Day =)  Here’s the info, I’m still sleep deprived so I hope I listed all of the pertinent information…  For more information or to sign up, email me at beth@bethdreyer.com.

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Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Family Photography – Smith Family

We had so much fun photographing Stephen and Dana and Libby.  They are fun to be around, and Libby is so dang cute!  And I’ll admit it, since they were the last session on Saturday we definitely went a little longer than 20 minutes.  But everyone was just having a good time and the light was so beautiful, why stop?

Yesterday while I was editing their session, Shep was sitting in my lap saying, “Wibby!  Wibby!!!!” over and over again.






Outfit change!  Love the shades of purple!



I couldn’t get enough of little Libby, she’s such a cute!





Aren’t they fun?  I love how these came out of Dana and Stephen –



Picture 7

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Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Sibling Photography – Lewis Family

I first met Selena this summer (ironically through the same friend that connected me with Sharlie – Holly when am I gonna do your kiddos!).   I walked into my friend Holly’s house and there was furniture everywhere!  Out of a bedroom came Holly and Selena panting and dragging a dresser.  They were preparing to steam Holly’s carpets and Selena had come down with her steamer and proceeded to help move all Holly’s furniture and then do all the steaming while we sat outside with the kids!  And Shep and I had just decided to pop in that day.  We’ve been keeping up through Facebook since then and hung out at a birthday party recently so it was fun to get to meet the rest of her family and photograph them!

Andrew is a little ham.  He would turn that smile on and off like a switch – with a great attitude – it was really cute!


Hehe, that grin kills me!



These guys had a little easier time keeping their eyes open than the Chapmans =)

IMG_0860 (1)



Selena, I think you may have said not to post any of the family pictures, but I just couldn’t help it, y’all are too good lookin’!


To see more of the Lewis family, click the image below to see a slideshow!

Picture 4

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Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Family Photography – Chapman Family

I have to say, all of the families that participated in Portraits at the Preserve last weekend did so well on their styling!  I was very impressed and excited to see all the outfits that showed up that day, way to go everyone!

I love this family!  Every Sunday almost, Esther and Cody run up to greet Shep.  Esther loves to follow Shep around playing with him, and Cody donated the Wall-e costume that Shep ultimately refused to wear.  I started getting to know mom Sharlie earlier this year when we were up swimming with another friend and her kids having conversations about being real.  I always appreciate real people who aren’t afraid to be themselves, so and so does she, so we’ve enjoyed getting to know each other this year.  I was thrilled to be able to photograph the Chapman family, check out the eyes on those kiddos!





Esther is a jumper!






They really wanted to do a cute laying down shot but they all have sensitive eyes and no one could keep their eyes open, it was really funny –




These last two are my very favorites!  Look at those eyes!


I love this one because it’s so relaxed, natural and you can tell how much they all love each other –


To see more of the Chapmans, click the image below to see their slideshow –

Picture 1


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Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Photography – Perrons

Meet Michael & Christina Perron.  They have just started a new church called Summit Life Church in Addison.  They were needing some shots of themselves to use on their new website which is being constructed and of course I was happy to oblige.  If you’re looking for a church, check them out!  They meet on Tuesdays at 7 at the Addison Conference Center.


Love this one!  Don’t you want to be their friend?



Normally I try to give a good mix of vertical and horizontal pics here on the blog since the horizontals are always narrow.  But all the ones I loved of them were horizontal!  You can click the images to see larger versions.  Isn’t Christina amazingly photogenic?





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$50 Sessions – Portraits at the Preserve Part II

I had such a great time and positive response from the first Portraits at the Preserve session that I decided to host another just in time for Christmas pictures!  Those sessions are back to back 20 minute mini sessions costing $50.  With a mini session you will get between 10-30 images in a private online viewing and ordering gallery available for two weeks.  There are five sessions available between 3:00-5:00pm on November 7th.  Email me today to reserve your spot – they’re going fast!  beth@bethdreyer.com

Portraits at the Preserve Part II

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