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Denver Maternity Photography – Jamie

“Jamie looks amazing!!  The only part of her that looks pregnant is her tummy!  Her arms and legs and neck and face look thin and normal and she doesn’t look eight months pregnant at all!”  This is what I told Jake with a bit of jealousy when I got home from Colorado this past weekend.

Jake calmly replied, “That’s because she throws up every day.”

He got me there.  I suppose if I had been throwing up every day when I was eight months pregnant I wouldn’t have had balloon arms and legs…

Jamie has had two extremely difficult pregnancies.  When she was pregnant with Mackenzie, her daughter, she hardly left home for nine months because she was so sick all the time.  Both pregnancies she’s been in and out of the hospital for dehydration and has had to take meds just to be able to keep food down.  Let’s just say that not being able to keep food down was definitely not my problem when I was pregnant (pass the buffalo wings!)  This pregnancy has been pretty much as rough (she had to fly home three weeks early from an outreach she and her husband were leading in Southeast Asia in her first trimester).  However, since she’s survived it before, she’s decided not to let her constant naseua get her down!  She’s such a trooper!

Here are some maternity portraits I took of her in my hotel room at the looooovely Westin Westminster


For this shot, she actually had to push her tummy out so I could even see it!  Eight months preg!





Stay tuned next week for pictures of Jamie’s sweet little daughter Mackenzie!

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Denver Wedding Photography – The Event Center at Church Ranch

Aaron and Desiree met through a mutual friend.  I was asking him to tell me the story as I took some portraits of him and he said, “I came home one day and there she was with our friend Brandy.”  I was so blessed by their love for each other all weekend.  It was so clear to me that Aaron adores Desiree and that she is so in love with him.  I have known Desiree for several years.  We were in Thailand and Hong Kong together for two months back in the day!  When she called me and said, a) that she was getting married and b) that she wanted me to be her photographer, I was so honored and so excited.  The wedding was lovely and I had so much fun being apart of it.

Venue: The Event Center at Church Ranch

Florist: Swiss Flower and Gift Cottage

Cake: Das Meyer Fine Pastry Chalet

Color PalletteHere are Desiree’s wedding colors!

Des’ future sister-in-law was giving her makeup the finishing touches.


Apparently, Des does this little perfume dance every morning.



The groom, what a stud!



These two made me laugh so hard!  This is Desiree’s brother Matt picking up Aaron.


And then Aaron picking up Matt.  I about died!


The gorgeous bride!





Some Details




Getting married…




Fact: I’m a huge crier, except behind the camera.  I never cry behind the camera, but I definitely teared up during this first dance.


The groom dancing with his mom.


Des and Aaron, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day!


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Colorado Sneak Peeks!

I just got back from a fantastic weekend in Colorado!  I stayed at the lovely Westin Westminster, which was an absolutely delightful experience.  Their branding was all about relaxing and unwinding and had very zen and spa-esque touches everywhere!  Balm to a mother’s soul….


I haven’t gone on a trip anywhere all by myself since…..I honestly can’t remember!  It was fun and relaxing not to tote a car seat around (can I get an amen?!) and to be able to do whatever I wanted (another amen!).  On top of that I got to spend time with family and good friends, and photograph a beautiful wedding.  Here are some sneak peeks of what I’ll be sharing with you this week on my blog –





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