Pregnancy Blog – Week 14

Week 14 – Mood: Refreshed

What a fun week this past one has been!  It started last Friday, when we packed up and drove out to Roswell to visit my Granny.  I was a little nervous about Mr. Two Year Old being in a car seat for 9 hours, but as usual, he was a champ.


Somewhere between west Texas towns, Jake asked me to check the iPhone to see what was between X and Y towns.  I looked and said, “I don’t really see anything.”  “Wait, really?  Nothing?”  Sure enough, the gas light was on and the next town was more than 30 miles away.  Now I’m all up for having an adventure, and I’ve had to call AAA more than once or twice and they’ve always responded in a relatively timely manner.  But you know, there are some adventures you’d just rather not have with your two year old, can I get an amen?  We slowed down to get better gas mileage and made into the next town with a gas station by the skin of our teeth!

Self-portrait at a rest stop


Jake has been faithfully doing the P90X workout for the past few weeks and has been eating really well but when Granny is making you breakfast like this, (bacon, sweet bell peppers, eggs, smoked gouda made into an egg sandwich) Lord have mercy, how can you follow a diet?


I think that’s how it’s supposed to be.  When you go to your Granny’s, you get a free pass to eat whatever you want.  And we sure did!  Hey, when the belly is already out there, there’s no reason to be shy!  Not that I’m ever shy with food…

We spent part of the weekend (part because there was no running water!) up at the family cabin in Riudoso.  That cabin has the most amazing view!



Granny rocking her 17″ MacBook Pro.


Shep is so baby J. Crew!


Shep with his new favorite person, cousin Jace and his sister Morgan.  You would not believe how difficult it was for us to get them to sit for this picture.  And all three of them are children of photographers!


On Monday Jake went home and Shep and I had Granny all to ourselves.  Granny and I were talking and realized that I had never gotten to have her all to myself in my whole life!  When you have 14 cousins you’re always sharing.  We had such a great time lazing around and eating good food with her!  I had brought some jeans with me to turn into maternity jeans thinking that we could do the project together, but no.  Granny just sat down and converted them for me in a couple of hours while I struggled to stay awake (I thought I was done with afternoon exhaustion?!) and then the next day made me a maternity dress!  She fitted the dress to me with a basketball on my tummy.  I should’ve taken a picture of that!

Again, the child of the photographer won’t pose for a picture!



Other than the maternity clothes, I didn’t really have any pregnant moments aside from the fact that Shep started saying “Bay-Bay” in reference to my tummy.  Sooo sweet!  Incidentally, he also learned the word “Coke,” and hasn’t stopped asking for Coke since.

Flying home by myself with a two year old was an adventure I hadn’t really thought through.  In retrospect, that was probably a good thing.  Going through security I had four carry ons (Shep had his own ticket, so two of them were his!!!), a pillow, and a two year old.  Not to mention our shoes and tickets and IDs.  The four security personnel working the checkpoint (I believe the only one in the airport, for what I believe was the only gate in the airport) just sat there along with about 15 gentlemen waiting at the gate just WATCHING as my son ran in and out of security, and I struggled to get our shoes, bags, and IDs back together.  Bags are falling off my shoulders, Shep is trying to make a break for it, I was dropping things, and everyone is just sitting there WATCHING.  Don’t worry everyone, I don’t need a hand or anything!  Seriously, gentlemen out there.  When a lady is by herself with a two year old and tons of bags, help a sister out!  It makes things easier for her and makes you look like a hero.  I’m not going to lie, I may have glared at a few people as we made our way to a seat to await boarding.  When it was time to board out of nowhere came a wonderful kind man who worked at the airport and came up to me offering assistance saying, “I’m so sorry, I can’t believe I didn’t see you sitting there sooner!  What can I carry for you.”

Knight in shining armor.


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